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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Solar Monkey and WS Energia Announce US Manufacturing Agreement on Solar Tracking Systems

A new generation of award-winning tracking technologies comes to the North American solar market. Today, Solar Monkey and the Portuguese company, WS Energia, announced an agreement to establish a new generation of high precision, reliable and affordable solar tracking systems in USA ,based on WS Energia’s patented award winning tracker design. According to both companies these products increase output efficiencies, reliability, and lower the costs of solar energy tracking systems over those currently available.

WS Energia is a solar technology company located in Lisbon, Portugal and one of the top five leading European industrial producers of optic equipment for low-level solar concentration using commercially available solar modules. In 2007 the robotics that controls WS Energia’s trackers was distinguished for its effectiveness on solar energy production, ease of installation and overall configuration by the panel of the Live EDGE Electronic Design for the Global Environment challenge.

The portuguese WS Energia developed a patented self-powered solar tracker for orienting a set of solar PV panels assuring its precise alignment towards the sun. This tracker is based on local geo-positioning, internal measure of time and inclination, driving the installation to the wanted orientation. Because of its high precision this solar tracker is presently in the DoubleSun tracking structure with concentration reflectors which has been producing up to 60% more power and up to 117% more energy than traditional fixed point panel system in the same conditions.

The agreement will allow the companies to jointly develop manufacturing and production facilities within the USA using WS Energia’s technology already available in the EU. WS Energia Research has developed a suite of solar tracking and concentrating technologies and has product installations currently operating throughout Europe.

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