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Friday, September 12, 2008

Itarion Solar Project: new photovoltaic cell plant in Portugal

Moura (Amareleja) PV Power Station /Luis Alves,

The Portuguese executive approved a resolution to classify as "strategic interest" an investment in Vila do Conde (north of Portugal), in the area of renewable energies. The investment of approximately 100 million euros will create 200 jobs (142 qualified) and could reach an accumulated sales volume of 2.2 billion euros between this year and 2017.

This solar energy investment will be done by the "Itarion Solar" and it seeks the production of photovoltaic cells. It is one more project in Portugal in this area, having this time the Quimonda AG experience in all relevant processing steps of the crystalline silicon technology.

Recently, it was formed the "Itarion Solar, Lda", a joint-venture between Qimonda AG and the Centrosolar Group AG, planning to construct the crystalline solar cells production plant, at Vila do Conde, near the city of Porto, with an installed capacity of 100 MWp/year, extendable to 250 MWp/year. Centrosolar contributes with its experience in solar module and system application.

Itarion is relying on expertise from Blaubeuren (Germany) based Centrosolar. The master agreement with centrotherm photovoltaics AG, as a leading supplier of technology and services for the manufacturing of solar cells and solar silicon, considers the future possibility of delivery of turnkey production lines.

This major order confirms the South European market growth and it includes several lines with a project planning period of 2 years with the possible delivery of the first line in early 2009.


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