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Sunday, August 29, 2010

War Against Apathy

Sotaan Apatiaa Vastaan        
War Against Apathy 
Guerra Contra a Apatia 
Guerre Contre l'Apathie


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How America can learn from the Clean-Energy success in Portugal

Photos by Luis Alves

The New York Times published today an extensive article making reference to the Portuguese success in renewable energies and how Americans can learn from the case: Portugal Gives Itself a Clean-Energy Makeover.

Second the Portuguese newspaper Público the ”New York Times praises the success of the energetic turning in Portugal

In Portugal, as in the United States, politicians have sold green energy programs to communities with promises of job creation. Locally, the effect has often proved limited. For example, more than five years ago, the isolated city of Moura became the site of Portugal’s largest solar plant because it “gets the most sun of anywhere in Europe and has lots of useless space,” said José Maria Prazeres Pós-de-Mina, the mayor

But while 400 people built the Moura plant, only 20 to 25 work there now, since gathering sunlight requires little human labor. Unemployment remains at 15 percent, the mayor said — though researchers, engineers and foreign delegations frequently visit the town’s new solar research center., New York Times.

It´s worth noting that recognition, although there is much work ahead. It is also a good time to remind some articles published here in ”mokkikunta”  on solar power and electric cars.

“Alentejo: Solar Region”