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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Al Gore to climate conference in the Faroe Islands

Tórshavn, the capital of Faroe Islands by

Al Gore, Nobel prize winner and former Vice-President of the USA, will be the main speaker at the TransAtlantic Climate Conference 08 in the Faroe Islands, on 7 and 8 April, an event focusing on climate change in the North Atlantic and on the new challenges faced by countries in the region. It is hoped that the conference will provide a boost to trans-Atlantic co-operation on climate change in the marine environment.

The conference venue will be The Nordic House ("an enchanting hill of elves" ) in Tórshavn. The Nordic House is built on a Nordic tradition with designs form all the Nordic countries.

The conference aims particularly at researchers, business people, civil society representatives and politicians in the North Atlantic region and the Nordic countries.

NORA (Nordic Atlantic Cooperation), a Nordic Council of Ministers' cross-border committee on regional policy, is one of the organisers of the event. Climate change is high on the Nordic co-operation agenda, especially within the framework of the new initiative designed to help the Region face up to the challenges posed by globalisation.
"The conference is a result of the recognised need for coordination between Europe and North America regarding the marine environment – both with regard to marine climate research and innovation in sustainable technological solutions. Research institutions and industry need easier access to each other. Industry requires sustainable technologies that reduce both energy consumption and the negative impact on the marine environment. Research institutions need capital and feedback from industry to undertake the necessary research."
Goals of TACC2008:
  • Focus on Climate Changes and Challenges in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Challenges in relation to a Sustainable Marine Environment
  • TransAtlantic Climate Institute (TACIT) as a Knowledge Hub (*)
(*) The conference will showcase opportunities for a “TransAtlantic Climate Institute” (TACIT) based in the Faroe Islands, collaborating with universities, R&D institutions, and industry in Europe and North America.

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CyberCelt said...

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Thank you for choosing to display your advertisement on Endangered Spaces. I appreciate it.

RennyBA said...

As I said in my post when Al Gore got The Nobel Peace Prize in Norway: 'the need of a communicator to open people and nations eyes for the course':

Hope it will be a successful conference!

bathmate said...

This is wonderful posting. Thank you.